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The Farmer

Spade and Table Farm is owned and operated by Lisa Windhorst (with a little help from her husband). Utilizing bio-intensive techniques that nurture the soil, Spade and Table Farm is a NO-TILL, NON-GMO, CERTIFIED ORGANIC market garden that produces an incredible amount of nutrient dense food from a small family farm.

Spade & Table Farm

Officially it started as a full-time gig in 2016. But, Lisa's been digging in the dirt, growing incredible veggies for over 10 years. Spade and Table Farm is located in Louisville, Kentucky, more specifically, eastern Jefferson Co. in the burbs, which allows us to deliver amazingly fresh product to the area. Spade and Table Farm is a member of Kentucky Proud, the Organic Association Kentucky (OAK). Lisa is also a member of Les Dames d'Escoffier's Kentucky chapter, an organization to help promote women's efforts in the culinary and hospitality industries. 

NO-TILL: It's amazing what top soil can do when you don't beat the heck out of it year after year. We harness and promote healthy soil biology by feeding our soil naturally. The result is better tasting and more nutritionally dense produce for our customers.


CLEAN FOOD / NO PESTICIDES: Not even the so-called "safe" ones. Our produce is clean, honest and 100% natural.


REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE:  We work with God's “grand design”. This simply means we "add back" what we take out. Like a forest feeds the trees through the cycles of the seasons, we do the same for our soil.

SMALL SCALE PRODUCTIVITY: Acre for acre, we kick butt. Our farm is highly productive, on permanent 30" no-till beds. While we're based on solid organic farming principles, there isn't a rule, method, technique or tool we won't try or re-invent to make things better. Small farms like Spade and Table are changing the farming paradigm nationwide.

Lisa's Bio

After 30 years in the corporate world and running her own business, Lisa decided in 2016 to officially break ranks and turn her passion for healthy food into a business and started Spade and Table Farm. Since that crazy move, she's also served as a founding board member of

Les Dames d'Escoffier's Kentucky chapter, an organization of women involved in the culinary industry. As a member of the Green Table Committee, her efforts have included working on programs to benefit culinary education as well as healthy food initiatives for children at area schools. As a member of the Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK) Lisa is also involved in the advancement of healthy organic farming practices and products.

Lisa with the world's most famous farmer, Joel Salatin

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