2022 Farm Season

As Louisville's ONLY Certified Organic farm, we have a lot planned for our 2022 season, so please sign up to our "Fresh List" newsletter updates! Local clean food has never been more important than now. By boosting your immune system and lowering your toxic load, eating organic can help you live a better life.

Farmer's Markets , Starting May, 2022!

Please check out our Where to Buy page for additional details.

On-Farm Markets, Starting May, 2022!

We are set to be Louisville's ONLY organic on farm market. The market will feature our premium quality produce grown right here on our no-till farm. Subscribe to our once a week farm newsletter for details and what's available.  Be sure to mention "on-farm market".

On-Farm Events, Stay Tuned!

It's Springtime and we're still in the planning stages of several on-farm events including, Farm to Table Dinners, Nutrition and Food Demos, Culinary Demos and much more.

Annual Veggie & Herb Plant Sale, Going On Now!

Stop by the farm for premium potted plants, all organic of course. Plus, we'll have helpful tips for planting and gardening. Grow your own! Open Daily 10am to 4pm.

Backyard Demo Garden, Summer, 2022!

We're big believers in growing your own! We encourage backyard and hobby gardeners all the time, so we're stepping up our game with an on farm Demo Garden. We'll have training / how to classes with examples of how you can improve you and your families health by connecting with your very own back yard garden.