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the 2020
farming season
is already

Thank you for your curiosity. As we enter 2020 farming season we have a lot planned. We spent the winter, not really resting but, diving in even deeper. Attending conferences and meeting some amazing fellow farmers from across the country. The learning never stops. 

See you on the farm. Lisa

Here's a few things that are on my radar (no certain order)...

1. CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOOD "REAL" FOOD. That means working even closer with some of our favorite restaurant customers who take local food sources seriously. Folks like Chef Bobby Benjamin at Butchertown Grocery. One of the best chefs and restaurants in the country. We're humbled to partner with guys like him to offer great local produce. We're going to step-up our game for Bobby in 2019, so visit his restaurant often to explore the menu.

2. CONNECT PEOPLE WITH HOW THEIR FOOD IS GROWN. We're a unique suburban farm, located in Middletown, Kentucky. - As one of the few Certified Organic vegetable farm in Louisville Metro/Jefferson County area. We want to make a difference. So, we're going to step-out of our comfort zone and regularly invite folks to the farm. You need to see how we do this and the methods we use. Contact Us - to get on the invite list for

ON-FARM MARKETS, featuring some of the best produce in the area.

3. TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO COOK WITH VEGGIES. We finished our demo kitchen in the new barn. It's a one-of-a-kind space in Louisville, located on a Certified Organic farm, 15 minutes from downtown Louisville. We'll be hosting food demos, culinary events, cooking classes and much more in 2019. Sign Up - to be notified

4. GROW MORE FOR MORE FLAVOR. We love great food. We're stepping up our game searching worldwide for the best seeds that grow the best vegetables. We're mad scientist, radical experimental farmers... Lisa is constantly tweaking our mix and methods to nurture the best from our vegetables and greens.

5. FOCUS MORE ON HEALTHY EATING. Our veggies are naturally healthy but, we have a lot planned on the healthy side of produce. We eat healthy so we can eat out... and go for the gusto - guilt free!

6. RESPECT THE SEASONS (more). While we're always looking to push the seasons using basic technology (low and high tunnels)... however, we're abandoning what the consultants and going back to what Mother Nature says. Basically, don't expect tomatoes in December or spinach in August.

7. NEVER STOP LEARNING (AND TEACHING). The farmer community is great, we all learn from each other. We're open to showing folks how to and learning the same. Interested in becoming a farmer? Give us a call.

8. RESPECT THE GRAND DESIGN (EVEN MORE). Farming humbles you fast. People ask Lisa, "how do you get your veggies to taste so great?" Easy. We respect God's great gift. When you farm with a nurturing hand and build good soil, the land rewards you. It's one of the reasons we're a hyper-productive farm for our size. Hydroponics produces a lot of bland veggies, the flavor comes from soil microbiology.

9. GIVE BACK MORE. You can't take it with you.

10. HIT IT EVEN HARDER IN 2019! Our friends will wonder how we're going to do this, as we seem to work 7 days a week now. But, there's always more in the gas tank, especially when you eat healthy. 

Now, get your hands dirty, grow some food or buy it from a local source you can trust. - see ya outside.

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