We've been preaching - good clean organic local food is the key to health and a strong immune system for years, now it seems folks are really listening. Now more than ever, we are fired up for the 2020 farming season!  Here's a few key items:

  • OFF FARM MARKETS: We will be attending the Prospect and Middletown Farmers Markets. These are "Open Air" neighborhood sized markets.

  • ON FARM MARKETS: As Louisville's only certified organic vegetable farm, our one of a kind, on farm market begins in June (dates, times tbd) Fresh veggies, farmers tours and advice on good farm fresh foods.

  • BACKYARD DEMO GARDEN: Now more than ever, learn to grow some of your own, or heck start a farm of your own, more the merrier.


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For us, farming should work with the grand design not against it. We farm by nurturing nature, not spraying it with chemicals. The result is better tasting, more healthy produce. Then sourcing that food as locally as you can just makes sense for all of us.

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