Spade and Table farm is proud to be a certified organic farm and we know firsthand, for freshness and quality, it's hard to beet a local farmer. We cultivate a variety of vegetables, greens, herbs and edible flowers for discriminating chefs in the Louisville, Kentucky region.

Organic. Local. Clean Food.

Care is given to every step of organic production giving our veggies exceptional flavors, colors and nutrition. We follow KY G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) methods and procedures regarding food safety and cleanliness. We eat everything we grow and are delighted to share the bounty with customers who are as persnickety as we are about their food.


We enjoy seasonal produce, so crops/product varies throughout the year. Below is the working list of what we grow, but it changes with the seasons, temps and whims of the farmer.

TOMATOES / Heirloom, Slicers, Cherry

LETTUCES / Baby Leaf, Bibb

BEETS / Chioggioa, Red Ace, Gold, Specialty

CARROTS / Red, Purple, Yellow, White, Orange

GREENS / Arugula, Kale, Specialty

TURNIPS / Sweet Variety


PEPPERS / Sweet, Hot, Specialty

RADISHES / Mix Variety

HERBS / Mix Variety


100% Certified Organic

Spade and Table Farm has been certified by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture as a USDA Certified Organic Farm. It's kinda cool, making us the only woman owned, certified organic vegetable farm within metro Louisville.

Let's Work Together

We're currently working on our seasonal crop plan, offering produce to area restaurants, caterers and retailers.

If you're curious about our farm and the specialty crops we grow, we'd love to hear from you.

Call: 502.550.0241 or email

  • Our Farm Fresh Promise - 90% of our restaurant orders are picked within 12 hours (usually less) of delivery. We offer "On Demand" delivery, which means you get it when you need it.

  • We deliver to the Louisville metro area (reasonable minimum may apply)

  • Convenient: The farm is only 15 minutes from downtown Louisville, so pick-ups are easy too.

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